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12 November, 2022

Special Guest Spotlight on ADRIANA November 2022

Hello everyone!

This month, we are very pleased to welcome Adriana, who was one of our August
 2022 winners

We hope you enjoy her take on our November Main Challenge and do please visit her social links which are listed in her Artist Bio.

Artist Bio 

My name is Adriana, I am from Argentina, approximately two years ago, when the pandemic began, I enrolled in the virtual classrooms of Mariela Papeletas, and from her hand I began to discover this fascinating world, I have always been inclined towards art and everything related to art. artistic expressions. I am a graphic designer and art teacher in a secondary school.

Social Media links:

Q & A with Adriana

What is your favorite November memory?

It is a very special month, the beautiful days begin to enjoy the first heat, walks and walks with my husband Guillermo and my children Juanpi and Mariano, more time to share with friends and meetings. It is the anniversary month of being married to my love, and the time of closing of cycles.

What is your favorite supply or product?

I really like acrylics, watercolors and I love modeling paste. But the truth is that the mix media is fascinating because it allows you to continue discovering materials constantly, so I could expand my list and add stencils and rice paper to my favorites.

Are you inspired by a particular artist or artists, if so who?

I use Instagram a lot and through this network I follow many artists of this medium, who always serve as inspiration, for example: Sharon Fritchman, Heather McMahon, Emma Zappone, MarielaPapeletas, smnmarina, dequevaelrollo, craftowanie.

What is your favourite colour palette to use?

My favorite palette is between blues and light blues, but generally it has a lot to do with the mood or what I want against at that moment.

In my art journal, I have always wanted to try...? 

In my art journal I always try to be creative and let myself go. I like to experiment and discover the beauty of aesthetics through different media. It is best to observe the results and try to be self-critical. 

And finally, why do you enter art challenges?

I love challenges, they are a fantastic trigger to tell something, transmit messages, feelings and express yourself.  I deeply appreciate this fantastic opportunity to show my work through the More Than Words Challenge!

Adriana's Interpretation of our November Main Challenge

Adriana says:  For this work I was inspired by the word face, I liked the phrase "choose your face", in my case I am not one to hide what happens to me and my face says it all.

I chose a vibrant palette of pink and violet colors using gelli for the background seeking to highlight the face. Some stencils and strokes with acrylic. I hope you enjoy this proposal.

Thanks for sharing your beautiful journal spread with us Adriana!  We hope Adriana's beautiful work inspires you to enter the November challenge!

Here's a reminder of our current Main Challenge:

Word Inspiration - FACE
Creative Challenge - MONOPRINTING

Don't forget that you can find all of our challenge details and extra information, as well as Adriana's published interview in our new magazine Artful Pages.


  1. Nice to read this interview :) Beautiful art works, Adriana!

  2. Oh thanks so much for the acknowledgement! What a wonderful page! Such a fabulous interpretation of the challenge :)


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