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01 March, 2021

March 2021 Main Challenge - CARPE DIEM and MARKMAKING

 Hello again and welcome to our March Main Challenge!  

This month, we are challenging you to Carpe Diem or Seize the Day! 

As always, our Main Challenge is based on a word inspiration and a creative challenge.  The word inspiration can appear on your project or not but you must show that you have been inspired by it.  The creative challenge must be used on your project!

Word Inspiration - CARPE DIEM
Creative Challenge - MARKMAKING

Helpful Tips For The Challenge

Carpe Diem means Seize the Day! How do you or your friends or family make the most of life's opportunities? Does your child love school? Is someone starting a new job? Or maybe you're simply enjoying what life has to offer like taking a walk in the sunshine or a swim at the beach. For an extra challenge, add some MARKMAKING to your project. Add lines, doodles or hand-drawn stars. We don't mind what it is so long as you make some sort of hand-drawn lines on your project!

Design Team Inspiration

And now let's look at our first DT Inspiration for this month:

Heather:  I love the saying 'CARPE DIEM'. I believe we should make the most of every opportunity life presents us with. We should get out and explore this amazing world.
For my MARKMAKING, I drew a tree based on one near us at our favourite beach destination. I drew lots of tiny branches and roots, making many marks in the process!


Elle:  I found this woman in a magazine and I knew I had to use her to express Carpe Diem on my art journal page. I also used a handwritten quote from a poem by Mary Oliver that seemed to fit with the theme. For my markmaking I used pencils and crayons to scribble on the painted background and made small marks in groups of threes.


Jinal:  At first I didn't understand the term "Carpe Diem" fully only until few years ago, when I experienced life at its fullest when I had my very first Bungee Jumping..
Well, this quote explains well the exact understanding...  “The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” Using a black marker, I have doodled around the border of the journaling card as my markmaking.
Kat: CARPE DIEM is a slogan that should be repeated to ourselves at every moment, there are so many wonderful moments in our lives. In my work, I wanted to show that we can free ourselves from the cages that limit us and be free.
For the MARKMAKING, I created background work with my black marker with stamps and stencils. I was fun working on this project.


Lisa:  Inspiration comes from capturing the joy of each day, being open to fresh experiences, new people and eternally seizing inspiration.  Filling ones cup everyday, with a colourful light of hope.  
Repeated mark making reinforces my signature style while creating interest and detail.


Marie: I took this photo an early morning at work. I was ending my night shift, exhausted and suddenly I saw this piece of paper flying around the floor, sun shining on it. Felt like someone was telling me something. There just as the day was starting. It fit so well with the quote. Making marks is something I do on always every project I create. It do it because it add a personal touch - one of the things I ”mark” with is straight lines & circles. As on this page I also added scribbles and arrows. 


Olya: Hello everyone! Carpe Diem means seizing the day! I really miss my russian village, warm winter evenings and hot tea from a samovar. I created a photo frame with a picture the other day! "Carpe Diem" - live this moment, take care of it in your heart!
For my MARKMAKING, I sprayed the foliage on the background, hand-painted the paper cut, wetting my finger in wax.

I wanted to represent CARPE DIEM with poppies. The poppy is an ephemeral plant and for me it is necessary to enjoy the moments of life even if they are ephemeral. listen to them and take the time to enjoy them.
Heure the MARMAKING are all the poppies that I made with a black felt. I also brought out the outline of my journal art with a black line and some zigzag to represent the heart rate


Vidhi:  I have altered a cover and back side of my art journal book of 2021! Carpe Diem means “ live in this moment “! I guess butterflies are perfect example of this wonderful meaning ... through their journey is short from caterpillar to butterfly but they know how to live that moments the fullest.  Just when the caterpillar thought her life was over she began to fly ...  You will never have this day again so make it count and live happily to enjoy all wonderful days.  
I have added tagline and my name sign with a marker to add my mark

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