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01 June, 2018

June 2018 Main Challenge

We all wait with great anticipation for the 1st of the month to arrive
as we are so excited to reveal a brand new Main Challenge.

This month we are taking you on board for a wonderful creative JOURNEY!

Our Main Challenge is based on a word inspiration and a creative challenge.

Word Inspiration - JOURNEY
Creative Challenge - MAP

What does the word JOURNEY inspire you to create?
You can choose to use the actual word somewhere on your project 
or simply be inspired by it.  Since words are an integral part of our challenges, we want to know how this month's word stimulated your creative process, so please do explain in your blog post how 
it inspired you if it isn't obvious in your work.

For this month's creative challenge, we want you to use a MAP to get creative and go exploring! We want to see something from a map on your project. You may decide to add components like land outlines, roads, a compass, arrows, a legend or even a globe. You may want to tuck a piece of the map itself in between your paper layers or make your entire background a map. Let the map be your guide and inspiration on your creative journey!

Please check out all our challenge rules in the RULES tab above.

Now let's see what our fabulous designers have come up with!

Anguree: I was inspired by this photo of my husband and I in the desert near Dubai. We love to travel and have visited a number of destinations. Yet, one of our biggest trips was 9 years ago when we left our birth country to come to Australia and eventually become citizens. You see, life itself is a JOURNEY. Sometimes you think you know where you are heading, and then everything changes and forces you to change course. Other times you have to walk through a desert to find your oasis and sometimes you have to piece the map together to find your way. What is important though is to enjoy the ride! For the creative challenge, I tore pieces of a MAP patterned tissue paper and decoupaged it to add them on my background. I also fussy cut both a geographical and town map of Darwin to use under the photo. To finish it off, I used a die-cut globe image and a map stamp.

Sivan: This month I chose to use this picture of the capital of my country, Jerusalem, a city that is undergoing a difficult JOURNEY. There are so many people wanting to call it their home and I can understand why. It is a holy city, wonderful, unique and so beautiful. The picture is taken from the Tower of David, which is located in the Old City, where Christians, Muslims and Jews live side by side. I hope that just as so many religions manage to get along in the Old City, peace will come someday and create a good and peaceful life for everyone in the world. I used MAP prints all over the background on my layout.

Janice: Sarah and Callum JOURNEYed to Canada for a most amazing 3 week adventure in 2016. This photo was taken at their first stop, a night ferry trip out to Alcatraz Island, and this was the view looking back at the night lights of San Francisco. For the creative challenge, I found a sheet of peel and stick alphas which were printed onto a MAP and used them to add my title. 

Valerie: The word JOURNEY represents for me the adventure of the family life. My kids are not perfect, and sometimes we have our tough moments, but I'm always looking for happy moments together. I glued a drawing of a MAP I made to add 
some creative doodling background effect.

Martina: This month I have used a photo of me and my husband from our last JOURNEY to Rome, Italy. The creative challenge I incorporated by using a MAP patterned paper as a background for my page. I also used a stencil with travel words so you can find both the words 'journey' and 'map' on my project!

Heather: There are many JOURNEYS we can take in our lives, but I chose to scrap about a physical one. I adore the gorgeous background paper and didn't want to hide it so I kept the page fairly clean. There is no mixed media at all on this page! I added some MAP paper behind the photo and there's a world globe beneath the title.

France: The JOURNEY of my sales career ended with me achieving Sales Rep of the Year in Canada a few years ago, and with that came the extravagant team celebration in Hawaii. While exploring Maui, we encountering this amazing black rock lava beach. My world MAP chipboard inspired me to craft a layout for this trip. This journey was memorable as it is also the farthest that I have traveled from home.

Nicole: I have to confess... I'm not much of a traveler! I am fairly content in staying all comfy and cozy at home in my little part of the world. So, instead, I live vicariously through my friend who is a true globetrotter, having visited so many fabulous places across the world. She took this photo while in Turkey a couple years ago. What a wonderful JOURNEY it must have been and I was more than content and happy to document it for her on this page from the comfort of my scraproom. My interpretation of the creative challenge is quite easy to see... 
my whole background is a MAP!

Aga: This month's challenge made me contemplate on what JOURNEY means to me. For me, the main journey is my life, and we all get to choose which direction we want to go! I have used a MAP motif on my background to guide you 
through the important and beautiful journey that life is.

Caroline: I decided after a really bad year that my JOURNEY will now be to remove stress and sadness from my life whenever possible. The place where I feel the best is at the beach, in vacation with my family, and that's why I chose this picture. For the creative challenge, I used a background paper with parts of a MAP in the corners and a Cuts2luv badge of a world map.

Heike's: For this challenge I decided to take a photo of our youngest daughter Mia which was taken in Turkey. It was the last vacation week of elementary school, and I find that the word JOURNEY fits perfectly with the photo. This trip was a beautiful journey into the past for her.  I included the creative challenge 
by using a MAP stamp on my background.

Anat: JOURNEY means so many things to me: a voyage, a passage, a progress... We all pass through many! I tried to express that rich word in my project using the quote 'The only impossible journey is the one you never begin.' My layout was built on top of a MAP paper to give the project even more depth.

Asia: For me the most beautiful JOURNEY starts with a dream. I love imagining where I could go and since unfortunately I don't travel too much, I make journeys of my own by reading good travel books or imagining me and my family in a place far, far away. I dream of us flying in a plane, getting to know other cultures and visiting places far from civilization. I used many elements of a MAP 
on my art journal spread, mostly from stamps.

Daisy: Visiting the Rocher Percé on the Gaspesian coast of Quebec Canada is the most beautiful adventure I have experienced. Why is this JOURNEY so special to me? It is because I did it with my maternal grandmother who has since passed away, one of the most important persons in my life. It remains to this day one of my most beautiful memories. The world MAP can be found on the badge that I used and on the corners on my background paper. I have also 
added this month's word on another badge.

Rosalie: This is a wonderful photo of my husband standing in the entrance of an ancient church in England. It represents the JOURNEY that he and I have had since our very first trip to England... a marriage, a family and our time together since our first visit. I have added a flair embellishment of a MAP 
and references to travel in the photo mats.

Mary: The word inspiration JOURNEY brings to my mind a lot of things and to be honest I couldn't decide which one to use. After a lot of brainstorming, I decided to make a vintage canvas. So I chose a photo of an old compass and a map which represents to me the journey of generations from the past until now. 
For the creative challenge I have used the MAP on the photo.

Torsa: "Life is a JOURNEY, not a destination." I love this quote and I believe it! Whenever I think about a journey, first thing that comes to my mind is a long drive on beautiful roads, enjoying the ride from dawn to dusk! I used a paper with a MAP print and a badge also depicting the world map.

Thank you so much to all our fabulous designers for bringing us along on their creative JOURNEY. We hope that you will be inspired to play along!

Now, let's take a look at the prizes up for grab this month!

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We are looking forward to seeing your entries into our
June Main Challenge JOURNEY & MAP!

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