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01 August, 2017

August 2017 Main Challenge

Are you ready for our August Main Challenge?!

We know that you will love it and so we hope 
that you will play along in large numbers!

Our Main Challenge is based on a word inspiration and a creative challenge.
The challenge is open to layouts, canvases and art journal pages only.
Make sure to carefully read our instructions below.

Word Inspiration - HARMONY
Creative Challenge - SONG LYRICS

What does the word HARMONY inspire you to create?
You can choose to use the actual word somewhere on your project 
or simply be inspired by it.  Since, as you are aware, words are 
an integral part of our challenges, we want to know how 
this month's word stimulated your creative process, 
so please do explain in your blog post how it inspired you!

We all enjoy music and are inspired by it! The lyrics of a favorite
song flow through our head and evoke strong emotions,
whether they be happy or sad, uplifting or nostalgic.
There's a song for every mood.  So take any SONG LYRICS
from a tune that inspires you and add them to your project!

To be eligible to win, you have to incorporate both requirements of the challenge, 
the word inspiration and the creative challenge.
Just look at our designers' projects and descriptions as examples.
You must also include our board image as well as a link to our blog in your entry post.  AND you may combine our challenge with no more than 2 other challenges.

Please check out all our challenge rules in the RULES tab above.

Now let's see what our amazing DT have come up with
to showcase this month's word and incorporate the creative challenge!

Valerie: Since my son was born, I try to live in HARMONY with myself, with him and with the fact that I will never be alone again. I used the technique of image transfer to add some music notes on my background. I added the words 'love you' because I was inspired by the song 'I Will Always Love You' by Whitney Houston
and its truly beautiful LYRICS.

Anguree: I was inspired by my current favorite song, 'Something Like This' by Coldplay and the Chainsmokers.  The SONG LYRICS describe how the guy doesn't think that he fits the criteria of heroes like Superman, Batman or Hercules, but she tells him she needs no hero. She just needs someone to turn to and someone she can kiss. There is something really special about having that person in your life and living in HARMONY for many years. As in any good composition, it's granted that the tune needs adjusting at times, but all in all it's about working together,
being there for one another, and celebrating true love.

Elena: I find HARMONY in many things: architecture, art and Yoga. I tried to combine all these things in my canvas. In my creative process, I often include pleasant music to listen to while I create - it makes my creativity flow and brings me inspiration.
This time I listened to the beautiful SONG 'Stay Wild' by Beau.
I used the title of the song as the title of my canvas.

 Kavitha: I love rain - the sound, the smell. Everything about it makes me feel so fresh and joyful. It keeps me in HARMONY with nature.  I incorporated the creative challenge on my page by using LYRICS from one of my favorite rain songs by Tamil.

Aga: In my mind, a human being should experience pain, suffering, happiness and peacefulness. They not only provide our existence with HARMONY and balance, but also show that all things in our lives happen for a reason. People help people.  The SONG 'People help the people' by Birdy inspired me to create this art 
journal page to illustrate these sentiments.

Lilibleu: For the HARMONY theme, I chose a picture of my son on which he is all smile - so happy, in pure harmony with himself. I also put the word directly on my page. For the SONG LYRICS challenge, I opted to use as the title the name of a very famous French song 'Y'a d'la joie', performed by Charles Trenet, which perfectly illustrates the joy of my photo.


 Caroline: I always find my own HARMONY in Summer! I feel so much better under the sun than under the snow. For that reason, I chose the song 'Summer Paradise' from my favourite Canadian band, Simple Plan, adding a few of its LYRICS 
on my page as journaling.

 Di: I have based my layout on my two grandchildren.  They are so very different in so many ways, yet they always get on so well... in perfect HARMONY. 'Ebony and Ivory', just like the Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder SONG, 
sums them up perfectly. I love them both so much.

 Heather: I rarely ride bikes so the word reminded me of the time when I surprised myself by really enjoying this particular ride. I felt surprisingly in HARMONY with the bike and my beautiful surroundings. The LYRICS to 'Bicycle Race' were perfect for my page, plus the band Queen has the most amazing musical harmonies ever!

Nicole: I have been wanting to scrapbook this theme for a while now, and what better opportunity than with this challenge. I have been a huge fan of Tori Amos for many years, and her music never ceases to inspire me. The word HARMONY made me think of her kinship with her piano - she actually normally has two on stage with her and even plays them both at the same time! Picking LYRICS from just one song for the creative challenge would have been an impossible choice as I have so many favourites, so I used a collage of some of her most memorable lines. In my opinion, there is just no other songwriter like her - she is one of a kind!

 Heike: What is HARMONY for me? It's living together peacefully. This is something that we can learn from our children, the harmony between people with different skin colour, or the harmony in the music, a great example being on the piano.
These LYRICS from Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney "Ebony and ivory live together in perfect harmony" were my inspiration for this challenge.

 Janice: For the challenge this month, I was inspired to scrap this gorgeous photo of Sarah and Callum, taken on their wedding day. HARMONY is pure love, young love oozing goodness and joy. They are so in love and so happy together. To watch them on their special day gave us butterflies. They danced their first 
wedding dance to the song 'Better Together' by Jack Johnson. 
The SONG LYRICS are printed onto the background.

 Mary: The word brought to my mind something I used to do as a kid and I still try to do now as an adult. I love to stay up late during Summer nights to stare at the stars.  I still try to count them, thinking how could I ever reach them! On those nights, I'm having a feeling of absolute HARMONY. For the creative challenge, I chose to use LYRICS of the 'Serenade' song by the Steve Miller Band 
which was one of my favorites back in the day.

Torsa: HARMONY means mutual understanding. I find harmony in love, in a very special relationship where one trusts the other person blindly for a lifetime. It is when I know that the person will be behind me always in case I fall, and no matter what happens, he will be there always. I have portrayed that type of harmonious love through my layout, with my favorite SONG, Celine Dion's 'My Heart Will Go On'.

What wonderful inspiration from our most amazing DT
- a very harmonious group, we must add!

And now, on with the prizes...

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We are very grateful to all our generous sponsors for these fabulous prizes!
To learn about any of them, click on the SPONSORS tab above.

We are looking forward to seeing your entries into our
August Main Challenge HARMONY & SONG LYRICS!

Link up your projects using our LinkyTool in the right sidebar
by August 31st at 11:59 pm EST.


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  3. This is the challenge which really speaks to me! I love all of your creations and the explanations which goes with it and which are so close to my heart as well:)x, Asia

  4. My favourite ones are Di Garling and Torsa Saha's ones, just perfect and very moving <3 All of you are so inspiring !

  5. Beautiful songs collection. Good job.


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