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16 March, 2016

Special Guest Spotlight on
Gayle Price

When you saw our challenge this month, some of you may have guessed
who would be our March Special Guest!  "Bliss & Gesso" just so happens
to be the name of her creative blog!!

Yes, we are very happy to introduce to you today the extremely talented  
Gayle Price!

"Hello MTW friends! My name is Gayle Price and I am so happy and very honoured to be invited to share one of my projects with you this month. I love playing, experimenting and creating with combined media. My idea of "bliss" is to surround myself with as many different mediums as I can lay my hands on, start to play with them and see where they lead me. I love all forms of art. I love colour, pattern and texture and will try to incorporate all of these elements into my work. I have had amazing opportunities in the past to create with some really wonderful Design Teams, and have had work published in a book called Art Journal Kickstarter. I am currently a Creative Team member with Finnabair.  It is a real honour to have my blog name as the inspiration for this month's Main Challenge board. Something you may not know about my blog name (a little bit of trivia)... aside from the obvious meanings of the words "bliss" and "gesso", I chose the name because of my love for Hip Hop music and in particular, an Australian band called "Bliss n Esso"."

Visit Gayle here:

We urge you to go see more of Gayle's creations as they are absolutely amazing!

Let's take a look at this month's challenge followed by Gayle's interpretation.

Gayle shares this about her outstanding creative process:
"My page is about my BLISS... I love to create and it makes me happy to play with different art mediums. This page is representing how I feel that my brain is sometimes wired to just one activity, all else forgotten, while the screws and nuts and bolts in my head work blissfully to create. I've worked with pattern, texture and colour using lots of different art mediums. The one medium I always use is GESSO.  I have used white, black and clear gesso on this project. Apart from being a primer and a protector of surfaces, gesso is also great for shading and for softening edges."

Gayle has provided us with some close-ups of her masterpiece:

There are no words to fully describe the beauty of this piece, but we do think that BLISS is quite accurate! As artists, we all have this one form of happiness in common, and we can all relate to Gayle's state of mind when she creates, as described above.

There are so many unique and awesome details to admire in Gayle's work... 
grungy, industrial and elegant all in one project!

Thank you so much Gayle for accepting to be our March Special Guest!

If you haven't played along with our BLISS & GESSO Main Challenge yet,
we hope that you will do so now, after being inspired by Gayle and her talent.

You have until March 31st to link up!


  1. Its STunning..Every embellishment on it has some purpose and meaning ,Loved it !

  2. What an amazing work of art.Truly splendid!

  3. I am speechless Gayle. This is truly a work of art!

  4. Now this is a work of art!! Simply stunning...

  5. Oh Gayle, this is absolute MAGIC. Love love love it. Thanks so much for being our special guest designer and giving us all so much inspiration with this wonderful work of ART.

  6. Wow, you did it again Gayle! AMAZING work, as always!!!

  7. Thank you Gayle. This is so outrageously splendiferous, that I may have to pack my gesso and go home. :D

  8. #amazing and awesome gorgeousness !!!!

  9. WOW!WOW! WOWZERS... This is INCREDIBLE Gayle... THANK YOU for been our special guest designer we a VERY grateful! x

  10. WOW! Very fantastic,wonderful!!!

  11. A masterpiece from our Special Guest this month! Gayle Price, you amaze me!!!

  12. I always love Gayle's gorgeous pieces - and her canvas is just beautiful with the wonderful details.

  13. Thank you everyone so much for your lovely words. It truly was an honour for me to share my project and I thank MTW for the invitation. xx

  14. This is truly an incredible work of art! The word stunning doesn't pay it justice! I am in awe! :)

  15. wonderful ! A work of a big artist I love all ! I'm also jealous, why it's not my work ??! LOL wow ! I'm speechless <3 <3 <3


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