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12 January, 2023

Special Guest Spotlight on ERIKA NELSON January 2023

 Hello everyone!

This month, we are very pleased to welcome Erika Nelson, who was one of our fabulous August
 2022 winners

We hope you enjoy her take on our January Challenge and do please visit her blog which is linked below, and also our social media channels to watch the Guest Designer video! 

Social Media links:


Q & A with Erika

How long have you been art journalling?

I've been art journalling for probably twenty-five years, but at first my journalling was more like a messy scrapbook page. I discovered rubber stamping and painting as well as using all kinds of media, and once I realized that I could make journal page and not a more traditional scrapbook page, journalling became my new passion. 

What is your favourite colour palette to use?

I lean towards cool colors (because blues and greens are my favorites), and at other times I go for warm colors. I think my color choice really depends upon the seasons, nature and even the weather.

And finally, why do you enter art challenges?

I love entering art challenges because it allows you to meet other people who love the same types of art, and you discovered so many techniques, ideas and inspiration.

Erika's Interpretation of our January Challenge

Erika says:  This is a great month for me to be a guest at More Than Words because I really love the idea of time and making art on that theme. My art is a 2 page spread. I started by inking my background to coordinate with the printed paper I was going to use.

I tore the paper in half to use some on each side. On the part of the pages I didn't cover with the matching paper, I used 2 old rubber stamps I had and added the days of the weeks and the months of the year words.

Then I did a lot of paper cutting. This is where I got the clock images. I then used some chipboard gears to give the page some dimension and depth. I painted them with bronze paint and  rubbed some black ink over them.  Finally I  stamped the time phrases on the right and also used a couple of letter stickers to create the word time.

Thanks for sharing your amazing journal spread with us Erika and for explaining your process.  We really loved how your page turned out and all those clock images and the rusty looking gears are fantastic!

 We hope Erika's fantastic take on our challenge theme inspires you to enter the January challenge!

Here's a reminder of our current Challenge:

Don't forget that you can find all of our challenge details and extra information, as well as Erika's published interview in our magazine Artful Pages.  Enter the challenge on the blog, Instagram or our Facebook group.  All links are on the sidebar!

08 January, 2023

Announcing Our December 2022 Winners

 Hello everyone,

Today we are excited to announce our December winners!  We really loved looking at your projects and how you interpreted our challenges this month.  
 Don't forget to enter our January challenge!  Now let's see who our winners are...



We have one great winning project for the Main Challenge.  We would like to invite our Main challenge winner to be a Guest Designer in a future challenge.  Your Guest Designer feature would appear on our blog, social media and in our Artful Pages magazine. Please see the end of the post for more details.

Thank you for entering your wonderful projects!

Main Challenge Winner


We have one great winner for our Mini Challenge.  We would like to invite our Mini challenge winner to be Guest Designers in a future challenge.  Your Guest Designer feature would appear on our blog, social media and in our Artful Pages magazine. Please see the end of the post for more details.

Thank you for entering your wonderful mini projects this month!  Sadly this was our last mini challenge. 
We will no longer run a monthly mini challenge.

Mini Challenge Winner

Congratulations to our winners

Congrats once again to all our winners and thank you to everyone who entered the challenge. We encourage all merit winners and runners-up to grab your badges from this post and proudly display it on your blog or social media. 

*** Be Our Special Guest Designer ***

If you are interested, please leave a comment below with your contact details and we will get in touch (your details are safe as the comment will not be published and will be deleted after we have read it).  Alternately, send us a message us via More Than Words Facebook Page

04 January, 2023

Artful Pages Magazine - January 2023 Issue



The January issue of our magazine has been published and is now available to read online.  Just click on the large cover below to reveal the navigation panel, and use it to move back and forth through the magazine.


01 January, 2023

Happy New Year - It's About Time - January 2023 Art Journal Challenge


Hello everyone, Happy New Year and welcome to our first challenge for 2023! This month our challenge is all about TIME. You can find our challenge details below as well as links to the latest issue of our digital magazine - Artful Pages - more details below.

Quick Links

It's About Time

Let's take a look at this month's art journal challenge! We have simplified the challenges this year and the challenge no longer has two parts. Instead we have one main theme to inspire you and this month it's all about TIME.


We can't wait to see what you do with our challenge prompt this month and if you need more inspiration, you might find our new magazine useful.   Inside there are weekly prompts if you need them as well as details of where to download the free printables available for this month's challenge.  

Please note that we have made the decision to drop the Mini Challenge from our schedule, due in part to the decline in entries.
  Are you sad about the demise of the Mini Challenge? We'd love to hear from you! If there is enough interest we may consider bring it back.

Artful Pages January 2023

As mentioned at the top of the post, we are excited to share the latest issue of our new digital magazine - Artful Pages - which is a new way of looking at our challenges and inspiration, as well as being able to add more value for our readers which we are not able to do in our current formats.  So here's a look at our latest issue which is available to flick through online just like a real magazine.  The magazine contains more about our challenge this month, our Design Team inspiration,Guest Designer interviews, free printables and more!  Check it out and see for yourself - we would love your feedback! 

Design Team Inspiration

Let's see what our lovely new Design Team have created this month. If you love their projects this month, please visit their social links and follow them on your favourite social media.


When I saw the theme, my school days came to my mind immediately. During that period of youth, there are many happy memories.

Visit Ann:  



Out with the old in with the new. I was thinking about Hogmanay and New Year and the seeing out of the old year and welcoming in the new year which we spend a lot of time thinking about in Scotland.  I used some of the free printable papers on top of my painted and stamped background and then wrote out the words by hand.




As time passes, one day we will be in those old photos of the ancestors in our families, like this gorgeous one from ArtStacks. I wonder what sort of world we will leave behind and what future generations will know about us. We are all links in an endless chain.




Here is my inspiration for the January Challenge. A little quote from the Steve Miller Band was my inspiration.




Hello, my page for the January challenge. In it I used the motivational slogan "don't waste time, the power is inside you". The beginning of the year can be a good time for any resolutions, so let's try to take action.




When I saw the theme, I immediately thought of the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland.
So I drew this rabbit that runs after time.  I made my background with stencils "clocks", structure paste and spray inks.  As I found the set a bit empty, I added a princess and in opposition to the running rabbit, I put a snail.




When I saw the word inspiration, I immediately knew what I wanted to do and say. I need more time to do what makes me happy and that is mixed media. I love having my fingers in the paint and I just get to be creative.



" Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? "
This quote from a Deb Weiers Artstacks pack, evokes in essence, the importance of TIME. I have symbolically represented the theme, using various time pieces, throughout the page.



Hello! Here is my page for the January Challenge. I didn't use any clocks but I was inspired by the beautiful sentence - "Time is a companion that goes with us on the journey. It reminds us to cherish each moment because it will never come again. What we leave behind is not as important as how we lived". I'd like to emphasise this so I used some old photo and vintage colour combo



When I saw the theme of the month, I thought of what is timeless for me. First, I thought of childhood, then of the friendship that lasts over time.



When I saw the theme for this month, I thought of Christmas because everything about it is timeless to me. And I used a sweet ArtStacks image as the focal point of my art journal page to go along with the theme.




Time flies, it stops for no one. Year after year things happen until one day when we wonder how we got here. In this journey, I think it is so important to slow down and appreciate the little things, as little as our morning coffee.



Prizes & Special Guest Designers

This year we are very happy to welcome ArtStacks Designs as our prize sponsor. 

 ArtStacks will be donating one of their fabulous DigiStacks to the overall winner of each of our challenges this year.  This will be a digital prize of one DigiStack to be downloaded from their online shop. 
(This prize is not transferable or exchangeable for non-digital products.)  

In addition, one or more participants, handpicked by our team, may be invited to be our Special Guest Designers, to be featured on our blog and promoted in our magazine and social media.

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