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01 November, 2018

November 2018 Main Challenge

We have another fabulous Main Challenge to reveal to you today,
and we know that you will find much inspiration from it!

Our Main Challenge is based on a word inspiration and a creative challenge.

Word Inspiration - FUTURE
Creative Challenge - STARS

What does the word FUTURE inspire you to create?
You can choose to use the actual word somewhere on your project 
or simply be inspired by it.  Since words are an integral part of our challenges, we want to know how this month's word stimulated your creative process, so please do explain in your blog post how 
it inspired you if it isn't obvious in your work.

We believe that the future is bright, as bright as the stars in the sky that we wish upon! For this month's creative challenge, we would like to see those STARS on your project. You can choose to make your project twinkle, sparkle or shine if you desire, but most importantly, we must see at least one star on your creation.

Please check out all our challenge rules in the RULES tab above.

Now let's see what our fabulous designers have come up with 
inspired by the FUTURE & STARS challenge!

France: Traveling is a big part of my motivation and what keeps me going. In my FUTURE, a must on my bucket list is to see the Northern Lights up in northern Canada. For the creative component of the challenge, I was inspired by the beautiful skylight and chose to add STARS tainted with the inks I used to create my layout.

Janice: The word FUTURE inspired me to scrap this layout about Matthew and his work. My journaling reads: 'Matthew, we are so proud of what you have already achieved. Work hard, always listen and learn everyday. Everything you do now is for your future. One days you may be your own boss.' For the creative side, I have punched STARS from strips of paper and added both to my layout.

Caroline: Each year, we fix family goals. One thing on our bucket list is to visit in the near FUTURE our friends who moved to California. We hope to get there next Summer! Let's see if life will allow us to achieve that dream we have. For our creative challenge, I added a starry badge and some wooden STARS.

Anat: She is my past, present and FUTURE! My sunshine! She's my daughter! I wish her a brilliant future, to shine like a star as she deserves. On my layout, I used some STARfish images because of my Ariel (the Little Mermaid) 
and some chipboard STARS to add much more shine.

Heather: The FUTURE is going to be challenging for my family, friends and the community we live in as a massive industrial wind turbine project is under construction across our beautiful rural countryside. It's going to have a huge impact on everyone here and many people are struggling with it. Some will leave or have already left. The torn paper indicates the many lives that have been torn apart and we've tried to stitch them back together as best as we can. The STARS show that there is hope that our community can deal with 
what's coming and can get on with their lives.

Torsa: This month is my 12th marriage anniversary and we have been together since our high school years. I can see my FUTURE only with my husband; in every ups and downs of my life, I want him beside me. We want to grow old together like this old couple in the photograph. For the creative challenge, I used 
metallic STARS on my page.

Martina: As you probably already know, the girl on the picture is my daughter Ava. She is the reason I found scrapbooking and also the center of a lot of my creations. For me, she is the personification of FUTURE... a bright, beautiful and unpredictable future. For the creative part of the challenge, you can see that I turned my layout into a night sky. I love the night sky... the colour, the moonlight 
and of course the STARS.

Valerie: My layout represents what I would like for the FUTURE. I wish that my family will live in harmony, love and help each other always. We work hard to get there and I trust the future. For the creative challenge, I added some 
little STARS here and there on my page.

Asia: Like a small girl I still believe that dreams come true, that if I wish upon a star, my dream will come true and my FUTURE will be good and bright.. and mine! I added a large hand-drawn STAR on my art journal page to represent the creative challenge.

Heike: I decided to create a layout with a quote from Hans Christian Anderson 'To travel is to live'. That quote described exactly the FUTURE that my husband Joergen and I have always wished for as a young married couple. Two years ago our wish came true and we started our adventure... visiting Italy, Spain, France, England, South Africa and Australia! I hope that we can see so much more of our beautiful world. For the creative challenge, I painted STARS on the background.

Rosalie: This is my FUTURE, my gorgeous granddaughter Amelia. When I look at her I can see where my family's future lies and I feel so much joy. I have added embossed metal STARS as well as stenciled ones in and around the layout.

Nicole: When I first saw the word for this month, I had no idea what I would scrap about. But while looking through my photo stash, I found this picture of my nieces taken during a Cheers competition a few years back and thought it would be perfect. When I think of these two fabulous girls, so talented and full of potential, I can't help but know that their FUTURE will be bright. And of course, since they are bright shiny STARS in my life, it was perfect for the creative challenge as well. As you can see, I added many stars on my page, from stenciled ones to wood, chipboard and cork.

Aga: This month I have made an art journal page which says that dreams always come true when we try to reach for them. To represent this theme, I used the quote 'Take the FUTURE in your hands'. There is always some good STAR in the sky that will guide us to success and for the creative challenge I added a few stamped stars to my page.

Anguree: I was inspired by this wedding anniversary shoot we did 3 years ago. Looking at the past, we have achieved so much together until now and yet a new adventure awaits us each day. I loved the quote about the FUTURE being made up of little moments in the present, reminding me to be grateful for every moment of happiness. It reminded me that the way we think and the way we choose to react to our current situation truly shapes our future. I added lots of STARS 
to represent the creative challenge.

Sivan: This challenge comes exactly in time with our anniversary day! I was inspired to create a layout with my best friend with whom I have shared my life for 8 years. I wish for us the best FUTURE together. I added some STARS all over the layout which represent the fact that he is my star, my best guide for life 
and I am so blessed to have him. 

Daisy: We have a small 11 month old husky dog. We find her so beautiful with her brown fur and her light blue eyes that in the near FUTURE we will make her have beautiful little puppies. We have already experienced this event with our first husky, and we are very excited to start again. The STARS on my creation
 represent a dream that will become reality.

Mary: My family is my everything... my past, present and my FUTURE! When I'm thinking of the future, all I just want is to grow old with my husband and watch our kids live their lives happily. To incorporate the creative challenge, I used a stencil with STARS and I added some metal stars as well.

We hope that our fabulous DT creations
have inspired you and that you will play along with us this month.

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We are looking forward to seeing your entries into our
November Main Challenge FUTURE & STARS!

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  2. Amazing DT creations I am looking forward to creating for this challenge again...such a huge inspiration.x

  3. pRECIOSOS TODOS!, GRAN INSPIRACION!..Great inspiration Thanks!


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