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01 September, 2017

September 2017 Main Challenge

It's September, and in the North, people are saying 'Where has the Summer gone?!' 
and in the South, people are happy that it is finally Spring!  
Wherever you are though, September is a great month to scrapbook,
 so hopefully you will join in on our new Main Challenge!

Along with a fabulous challenge, we have a surprise for you...
a new amazing manufacturer has joined our sponsor lineup
and thanks to them, we can offer not 2, but 3 random prizes this month,
along with our usual list of merit and mystery prizes...
So definitely extra incentive to play along!
Our Main Challenge is based on a word inspiration and a creative challenge.
The challenge is open to layouts, canvases and art journal pages only.
Make sure to carefully read our instructions below.

Word Inspiration - FEARLESS
Creative Challenge - GRUNGE

What does the word FEARLESS inspire you to create?
You can choose to use the actual word somewhere on your project 
or simply be inspired by it.  Since, as you are aware, words 
are an integral part of our challenges, we want to know 
how this month's word stimulated your creative process, 
so please do explain in your blog post how it inspired you!

GRUNGE is defined as a deliberately untidy and uncoordinated style. Whether it focuses on dark colours, a distressed or stained look, punk graffiti, messy designs, one thing's for certain... you have to not be scared of taking risks.  So be fearless and let's get grungy!

To be eligible to win, you have to incorporate both requirements of the challenge, 
the word inspiration and the creative challenge.
Just look at our designers' projects and descriptions as examples.

You must also include our board image as well as a link to our blog in your entry post.  AND you may combine our challenge with no more than 2 other challenges.

Please check out all our challenge rules in the RULES tab above.

Now let's see what our amazing DT have come up with
to showcase this month's word and incorporate the creative challenge!

Heike: One of the things I really love in my life is to visit an acrobatic circus: the smell of popcorn, the tension in the air and the excitement on the children's faces! The acrobats with their FEARLESSness have my total admiration, thus my choice of photo this month.  The GRUNGE background gives a good dramatic effect to the theme and the 7 Dots Studio papers offer the perfect final touch.

Torsa: I think sometimes we all have to overcome our inner fears; it is so important for all of us! For the last few months, my life has been a bit topsy turvy. Each day was like a new challenge. So I have created an art journal page by image transfer inspired by my inner soul telling me to be FEARLESS. For the GRUNGE style, I have used a dark background with some wires and metal gears.

Heather: I believe that we all have fears. I don't think we can be completely FEARLESS, but we do need to face and conquer those fears as best as we can. 
I used torn paper, Colour Crush and stamping to GRUNGE up my page.

Valerie: I was inspired by the picture in the challenge board so I used a photo of my boy posing in front of a graffiti wall. The paper has a perfect GRUNGE look and I continued the graffiti effect on my background. Inspired by the word, I used the quote: You are FEARLESS, independent and original.

Janice: He is, it seems, quite FEARLESS. My boy is young and fearless; he is not afraid to have a go, to try new things, to have fun, to enjoy the moment and life in general. My GRUNGY background was created with paints, mists, stamps, washi tape and chipboard. The chipboard was altered with paint, inks and mists, and once 
dry, I distressed parts of it back to the raw chippie.

Di: This month's challenge inspired me to create this layout featuring my grandson who is not quite two years old and has absolutely NO FEAR of anything yet, 
although I hope that will change with time. I really enjoyed getting
 my GRUNGE on for this challenge.

Anguree: I was very inspired by the GRUNGE creative challenge this month. It led me to pull out the Geli Plate that I so needed quite some time ago.  And yes, I loved using it as it was really freeing! This whole layout was about facing my fears, letting go, pouring my emotions unto the page and just create, almost like an art journal on a 12x12 page. I used an unconventional photo size and unconventional cropping methods. I cut my photo mat by hand instead of using a trimmer which I never do as I can be quite particular.  Maybe I should be FEARLESS a little more often!

Aga: In your life you must be FEARLESS to face reality which many a times seems to be like a jungle or pure chaos. That is what my art journal page represents. The background of my page is messy and uncoordinated to imitate my GRUNGY style.

Lilibleu: To illustrate this month's theme, I chose a vintage photo of one of these FEARLESS extreme builders who build very high buildings without the slightest protection. In order to give a GRUNGE look to my page, I used spots of ink in a disorderly fashion and created a mess on my project... a beautiful mess, that is!

Pamela: My oldest grandchild Lily is the most FEARLESS person I know. She is willing to try anything! I am so proud of this trait in her and nurture it as much as I can. I used old washi tapes, paints and stamps to achieve the GRUNGY look.

Caroline: Since he was born, my son has been totally FEARLESS. He was about 9 months old when he started to climb in the playground's big kid section. Now he's 13 and I hope that this side of his personality will follow him during all his life when he'll have to make choices for his future. I wish that he can make his dreams come true without any fear. For the GRUNGE twist, I used a very grungy background paper and a minimalist style with dark colours.

Elena: We are afraid of many things. But not all of them are real; many of them we invent ourselves. These are the dark, monsters under the bed, ghosts and vampires! It's time to face your fears and become completely FEARLESS because life is too short to waste it on stupid fears. To make the project look GRUNGY was not difficult. I added strokes of dark paint on the background and used 
stamped images with sinister characters.

Nicole: Life is sometimes a struggle, but most of all, it's a precious blessing full of beauty and inspiration once we decide to let go of our fears and insecurities. This special man has taught me to be a little more open, a lot more grateful and a bit more FEARLESS in my every day life. The creative challenge was indeed a real challenge for me as I don't normally do GRUNGE.  To help me along, I chose some very grungy papers and made them messier by adding stamping, paints and inks as well as lots of masculine accents.

Mary: We all have some fears in our lives. I believe that we have to face and defeat them before we let them overcome us. At least, we have to try... We must be FEARLESS, be brave and take some risks to achieve that.  To make the page look GRUNGY, I used dark colours on an already very grungy background paper.

Kavitha: I used the word FEARLESS on my page and opted for a photo of a bold and beautiful woman who seems to be ready to conquer her fears. For the GRUNGE creative challenge, I went really crazy, fearless you could say, with paints and bright colours along with lots of black.

Now that you have been wowed by our designers,
it's time to take a look at the prizes up for grab this month!

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(as voted by our DT, in no particular order)

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$25 USD value prize from FABRIKA DECORU

We are very grateful to all our generous sponsors for these fabulous prizes!
To learn about any of them, including our new occasional sponsor, 
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We are looking forward to seeing your entries into our
September Main Challenge FEARLESS & GRUNGE!

Link up your projects using our LinkyTool in the right sidebar
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